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Macro Diet, day 5

Ok, I’m happy to report things are getting easier. 
First, I’m not a jump out of bed starving type of gal. Never have been. I need to move around, be awake, get my blood flowing before I stuff my mouth hole. My weekday routine is get ready for work, set Captain up for the day, hop on the bus and eat at my desk, slowly, over a period of 2-3 hours. I’m just not hungry in the morning. 

The first few days of this Macro diet I was encouraged to have a liquid breakfast (smoothie) FIRST THING IN THE MORNING to jump start my metabolism. I was making myself very uncomfortable forcing down the smoothie than having massive hunger pains an hour or two later. 

Fuck that. 

I now make my awesome smoothie in the AM, pack it and drink it over 2-3 hours at my desk. This is much better for me. I start my breakfast about 8am, finish about 10:30/11am. By noon I’m ready for my snack - yes - SNACK. I’ve never been a snacker. I have my allotted 24 almonds or three celery sticks with two TBSP of low fat peanut butter. My lunch break is about 1pm. That’s when I’ll eat my tuna or chicken salad with veggies. A few days this week I had hummus, pretzels and veggies instead. 

I haven’t needed my afternoon snack as of yet. I get home and I’m hungry. (That need to eat when I walk through the door isn’t a new symptom of the Macro diet. I’ve always been hungry after work). I’ll grub out on either salmon and veggies or chicken and veggies, with a small portion of pasta (all organic).

Today has so far, been the easiest of the past five days (it’s 11am now).

Although last night I had the worst night ever. Horrible stomach pain, GI distress and god awful gas. It lasted from 10pm til about 2am. I have no idea what caused it and I hope it does not repeat itself. 

I have completely and totally slacked on exercise this week. I’ve missed both cross training classes (work conflicts, boo) and I’ve yet to run once. 

My friends want me to go camping this weekend but I honestly, really want to focus on keeping this going. I want to stay focused on my diet and I want to have two killer workouts this weekend and that will not happen if I go camping, (bring on the s’mores, booze and hot dogs, oy vey).

I don’t know what to do. I feel like I’ve been giving a poor effort with this group of friends. It’s hard for me to hang out with them because ALL of them are in adorable relationships and creative and fun and I’m just… well, me and Captain and sarcastic. I’m fun and creative but it’s a different atmosphere when you’re surrounded by thirty somethings in committed relationship. I get burned out hanging out with couples so much. I feel like the “random odd number” wheel around them. They tell me I’m being silly but I wish they’d at least try to see things from my point of view.

Alas, I’ll make a decision tonight if I’ll go camping. Hopefully they’ll support me, whatever my decision. 

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Macro diet

I’m on day three of this new healthier way of eating and it sucks. Not drastically, but it simply sucks. I need to get better at preparing and packing SNACKS. I meal prep every Sunday for the week, for my lunches and dinners but I need to find high protein snacks that I can take to work because I’m basically starving two hours after I eat (which I’ve never experienced).

I’ve given up my cereal and nutrigrain bars because I’ve learned how shitty they are for me. Also, no chips anymore. 

I think the hardest part are my taste buds. They’re used to the same foods at the same time nearly every day. I’m hoping in a week things will be easier and I won’t be so irritable.  

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